Thank you very much for choose our profile, we appreciate your interest in our services.

We have been in this business since 1990. Our mission is to answer the need for honest, reliable and professional housekeepers. We are committed to the best possible work and to your satisfaction.

In the above period in business we have gained tons of experience while nurturing long term professional relationship with wonderful and possibly the best housekeepers in India. By carefully selecting the most qualified people and by helping them to earn honest and decent living we have kept the turnover to minimum.

Indeed, we are proud to say that there are many housekeepers and clients that have been working with us.

Very significant difference between us and other agencies is that we do not advertise anywhere for housekeepers. We register and thoroughly check only housekeepers that have been recommended to us by friends, co-workers, or relatives.

No strangers, unknown individuals are ever considered. That way we have assured safety for our clients and have avoided problems with housekeeper’s dishonesty.